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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tears of Joy

Tears and Music... a topic which intrigues me a lot... I already wrote something in my native language on the matter, but, as I freshly experienced it, aehm... 'twas yesterday evening, indeed... - here I am again.

What happens is in human nature, I guess... a piece in minor-key, usually hints for commotion, having an utterly moving character per se...

Yesterday I put on the platter of the Shindo 301 a disc which is in my disc-library since early '70s: Karl Richter playing the 16th century organ of Jaegerstadt Kirche in Copenhagen... a Deutsche Gramophone old tulip label recorded almost 50 years ago, where the old organ, noisy and breathing like a gentle giant;-) touches the soul only with its sound... but if J.S. Bach's "Canzona in D minor BWV 588" is played... well, the only thing which makes sense is... sighing, shamelessly!

Really, words are not able to describe the beauty, the immense beauty hinted... the lines, 4-5 voices are interwoving and following each other, always changing, always new to the ears and soul.

Subbass is like God's voice, mid and highs are angels... really, if I think to something religious, mystic, I cannot stop thinking to this superb piece, silently humming it in my head.

... and prayers aren't for such a deep, yet light and moving at the same, mysticism in music... prayers are for the fearsome, and no fears is felt when grooving in J.S.'s fractal immensity... life is too short but soooo beautiful and what we can do is living, nothing more, nothing less... like words cannot describe the very private sensations this very music gives to me, nonetheless, let me say... I listened to this very organ masterpiece in the dark, in my music room: at the very beginning, only the triodes blueish glowing were apparent in the warm, cocooning dimmed light... then, also smaller tubes and some reflections on my wife glassewares on the shelves and on the large horns became apparent... what I felt for a long moment was I looked at my very personal sky, with stars and stars and again stars shining...

... that was the moment I experienced shivers on my arms and legs and... tears erupted from my eyes... tears of joy.

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