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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Choosing & listening to a record: how it happens? An hint...

Yesterday evening I was listening to some old Krautrock classics: Can - Tago Mago, Ash Ra Temple - Join Inn, Amon Duul - Disaster and I had the crystal clear, intense feeling in "KNOWING" what was the mind process in choosing RIGHT THESE DISCS...

When I was listening to Klaus Schulze's Moog on Ash Ra Temple's disc, I had a strong, "primitive", "natural" wish - as opposed to "I see a disc on a shelf and I pick it up for a listen" by chance - to listen to Damo Suzuki's voice in Tago Mago... then, again a primitive thought... hey, then I'll have a listen to that old, crazy double Amon Duul's disc, the one with concrete lettering on the cover (Disaster).

During this SOOOO pleasant, freaky - very private listening session... i.e. - jumping in the Music Room, playing an invisible guitar à la Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock... after calming down... I had a further speculation on this... is it possible, I guess, that many times, when both purchasing and listening to Music, we are following a path, better still, we are refreshing, confirming, matching the music which is ALREADY stored in our: brain, mind, soul, heart... choose the best match for you...

If I stop myself and concentrate on some high quality listening in my discs- collection, it REALLY represents an extraordinary, necessary and extremely valuable support for my true, very ME... an emanation, a prosecution of myself, an external hard-disk of life-friendly soundtracks, a mind-library... that's POSSIBLY the VERY "why" we're never tired in expanding our music discotheque... 'cause as living our life we're never tired in learning, broadening our knowledges, meeting new people, it's simply "natural" to continuing collecting, beginning new interests, re-discovering old neglected... one of best points in music collecting and music tout-court is in listening a record you forgot to own... only the touching the cover among other discs makes mind boggling, with a lot of remembrance from the past.

So, I argue... the listening process is a matching affaire with the ideal music the VERY ourselves know it's best for their - let's name this - health... music is already stored in ourselves from the past generations or, who knows, still more misteriously, as Makoto Kawabata says - he's a japanese musician, an improviser who claims he's an antenna - for the Music always and ALREADY here and coming from somewhere... maybe from... the Outer Space!!!

... sounds like the expression "Food for Thought" isn't so far from reality, don't you?!?

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