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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Glass' AudioDeske vinyl washing machine from Germany - Clean! Shiny & clean!! Noiseless!!!

After some hard months I felt pretty right for audio and was able to fill with 1 gallon of osmosis/purified water my newly acquired Reiner Glass' AudioDeske vinyl discs washing machine.

I still remember when I owned and sparingly used my third-hand, heavily pre-owned KMAL's washing machine, so bulky, noisy and, someway, primitive, yet effective.

Two sides - one at a time - were a lengthy procedure, quite annoying... then there was the emptying of the glass cans, under the lid... I only used it, maybe 50 time in six years... then I sold it to a DJ owning 30.000+ vinyls, mostly 45 RPM...

Entry the AudioDeske's... always felt attracted from TAS' and Stereophile's review to Tim's 16Blog's review to seeing it in action during last Hi-End audio fair in Munchen, on last May... well, I bought it...

My 9000+ vinyls and my record-fairs and flea-markets chasing and finds deserved it.

The machine is weighty despite its compact size, yet easily positioned on a levelled shelf; it's flawlessly finished in a Nextel finish, elegant and technical at the same time and... a TRUE pleasure to use.

Since I uncrated, water filled and learned how to use it, I cleaned 20+ records, which in about one week use is faaaar more than I did with above mentioned Keith Monks' behemoth in 2 or 3 years;-)

The 6 minutes cleaning, sub-sonic bubbles bombing the grooves and drying is made more effective with someway dirtier records in increments of 1 minutes at a time. 

The results? AWESOME!

The vinyl surface, better the TWO disc sides, are so shiny and the grooves appear brand-new... despite the cleaned disc is 1, 2, 5 or 30 years old! 

Putting on the turntable a previously dusty, fingerprinted disc shows, under EMT 930st neon-ligh, for example, a dust-free surface... and the needle, when in the groove... voilà! also a blacker noise-floor... no clicks or pops, when only 6 minutes before it was a music-concrete concert of assorted noises due to assorted debrises previously nested in the inner grooves.

Yes! I love AudioDeske's.... it's easy, effective, trouble-free and elegant... a sure conversation topic and... yes!! you can always invite - if happily single, of course;-))) - a lady to "clean her "Rubber Soul" copy" and then...;-)))

The audiophile interpretation of after-dinner musing - i.e. "c'-mon at my place... I'll show you my butterflies collection!":-)

Seriously - an incredibly cool add to my system, folks... only, be careful: so called "friends" will arrive - uninvited - with dozens (dirty) records under their arm, saying "Hello!" and asking for washing their crusty discs!

Beware... and enjoy! 

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