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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Audio Morons and Moronity

As a passionate reader of Roman Bessnow's Forum/site, I've been exposed to the concept of "Audio Moronity", morons chasing and unmasking and related, several declinations - i.e. a "moron" (tm) owns a gonzo-like attitude to don't fully understand this or that, broadly applying misconcepts and concepts misuse, technical misinterpretations, wrong reply to a given question and a generally annoying, yet intense perception of relating to s.o. inadequate and in bad-faith... yes, a Moron, maybe unable to explain "boiling water" to a curious seven years old kid.

A waste, both human-wise and culturally.

The Audio Moron, present at every latitude and emisphere, if joining a Forum, too often uses too many emoticons to underline his emptiness and... yes, moronity.

Instead of deepening a topic, confutating this or that sentence, properly interacting with intelligence and informed conversation or curious questioning on a given matter, if someway cornered with an honest, but apparently strange or seldom read affirmation... he closes like an hedgehog and - with plenty of emoticons and an apparently witty and friendly approach, he ridiculize everything lowering to a truly shitty-level any given conversation, any topic concerned.

Life as a cul-de-sac...

I usually tend to consider those people like a guinea-pig fart in the (web) bush and pass away... but, hey, I met one, a first-hand experience, Roman;-)

So... kampai!

I fully and 120 percent understand your no-compromise approach in denouncing those time and web-space wasters everytime, everywhere you find one and I subscribe and agree and applaud to blame those mind-flawed wannabes.

I know who he is and... nahh... too (Audio) Moron to self-recognize him by himself from the above, don't you?

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