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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vienna Vibes 2010

About two months ago was held in beautiful Vienna an audio tasting where friends old and new were there with their enthusiasm, knowledge, craziness and skill...

David Haigner, Thomas Mayer, Frank Schroeder, Thomas Schick, Michael Ulbrich, Bernd Uecker, David C. Shreve, Hartmut Quaschik... the best of the crop, was there, hosted by Norbert and Alexander.

Beer, triodes and music were well represented, too... like - thanking Thomas Mayer - "hecho a mano" Habanos's;-)))

As I wasn't able to join the group, I'm well aware such a gathering isn't describable in words, as it's chatting, empathy, laughing, listening and swapping ideas and knowledge, friendly.

The best of audio, indeed!

... and only the pictures tell enough... words are a limit.

"Bravo" to Norbert and friends... hoping to see you soon.

The Audio Eagle review


... more pixes by Thomas Schick

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