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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Record of the Quinquennial: Holger Czukay - On the way to the peak of normal

Some records have a very unique power: to let you feel cool and hip and let you groove while they play on the stereo... Holger Czykay's is THE (today) one!

Like Miles' "Bitches Brew" and "Tutu", Trane's "A Love Supreme" and a bunch of others... yes, this very record is THIS good, folks;-)

Pre-digital loops, radio-waves, re-re-re-recordings, guitars, GUITARS... and music of highest quality.

Thanking my friend and Krautrock-guru, Franz, also the builder of my own Partridge/Allen-Bradley/paper in oil caps 300B triode monoblocks... he never miss a shot!

Also if my Can diet spans over about three decades, I wasn't aware of this disc: this record is so... so personally involving at several levels (aesthetic, musical, compositive jealousy, studio work, pure awe and admiration for Holger's job as a whole) I've no further words to describe it... no, just kidding: I'm lazier than ever, so only sincerely wishing to share with others the beauty of this record...

A great sounding recording, too...

BTW: the cover "painting" was made by the young son of (engineer extraordinaire) Connie Plank: clever, you little, young lotus-eater;-).

Buy it, period!

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