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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Radiowaves and whales

Radio, as I use to do, from time to time, listened in the dark of the evening, lazily in bed, is a (little) well-kept secret of mine, indeed...

Yesterday at about 10 P.M., Silvia Boschero, with the support of the italian artist Moltheni (aka Umberto Giardini, Cancer-born like yours truly... and not a chance!),
was "on air" with the following playlist:

Prince “Darling Nikki”

Jane’s Addiction “Jane Says”

Stone Temple Pilots “Creep”

Villagers “Becoming A Jackal”

Richmond Fontaine “We Used To Think The Freeway”

Post-Rock Special with Moltheni

Tortoise “Glass Museum”

Aerial M “Compassion For M”

Euphone “Broken Gourd”

Directions In Music "Track 2"

Giardini Di Mirò “Angeline”

Jim O’Rourke “Ghost Ship In A Storm”

Tortoise Remixed “Tjed” Remixed By John McEntire

Mogwai “Yes I’m A Long Way From Home”

Aluminum Group “Mister Butterfly”

Tortoise “Minors”

... and well, must say my ears and soul were in a diapason-like mode, vibrating at the music and vibes, unison with the live radio, Silvia and Umberto's choices and voices.

The highlights: the completely unknown (to me...) "Tortoise", "Aerial M", "Euphone" and "Direction in Music"... the Prog for the Third Millenium, pals!!!

Then "I Giardini di Mirò"... beatiful guitars drones. Then Mogwai and Jim O'Rourke, which I already knew, and the others.

... and... what about "whales", you'd possibly ask...

The radio program is called "Moby Dick";-) and it happens on RAI Radio2.

BTW: John McEntire for President;-)

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