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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Donate: a foreword

I guess some words are due to explain the new "Donate" push-putton I yesterday - June 25th, 2010 - installed in my Blog - i.e. how you, the reader, passionate or occasional, can or wish to support Twogoodears.

Writing is for yours truly, an healing, pleasing, relaxing, (self) enriching act, so no money is due for my time at the computer screen...

... but, disks, vinyls, the Mojo Magazine subscription - so often the source for the news - the concerts tickets - and, why not, the electric-bill ALL have some weight and - sadly - someway shadow the pleasure of getting in touch with you all...

Plainly said: my birthday will be tomorrow, June 27th and I'm not begging your money for gifts and the like... BUT, if you feel confortable in donating those 50 cents which rattles in your pocket to support yours truly... please do, don't feel shy, as I'll not feel offended;-)))

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