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Thursday, February 18, 2010

... mo' caps and related: mo' Music or "We're only in it for the money"?

... as the late Frank Zappa once said...

Thanks to Tim for the above;-)

A nice survey.

Only caveat: this sentence... "Duelund has since introduced the CAST PIO (Paper-In-Oil) series. With a retail price of $675.75 each in Copper and $3,920.65 per piece in Silver Foil (10uF values), we can only guess at how good they may be."

... sounds to my virgin;-) ears like the hideous price-tag makes the above super sounding per-se or something... 'c-mon: let's be democratic: nicely reproduced music is for everyone, not a tycoon-only affaire!

Fortunately, the reviewer next comment is wisely reconsidering "real-world" silver market price per ounce, so - ironically sort-of - bringing whole matter a bit down to earth... and let me add the Copper foils I (too) briefly, recently tasted already are a (much more affordable) sonic beauty!

Why Duelund's should feel embarassed after building those HUGE cans.... aehm caps;-), sure involving a lot of care and skilled workmanship to make'em, for a fee and a 10K euros cartridges or arms builder not?!?!

Nothing against - personally - spending wisely in a free-world of adults relationships... but the hypes (and a.m. bold) may kill...

Anyway, same as for love... money can't buy it, BUT it sure helps while looking for it...

... or not?

1 comment:

Tubes for sound said...

For this who would like to look further and in the end get lost here is "more".

This is for caps upstream in the signal line, but same topic I guess :

Once again mucho $$$$.

Have used the Vcaps in a PLLXO and can truely say they are inexistant, they add and substract "zero"...good!