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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

19 years old Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell died!

A young Canadian folk-singer was killed - in Cape Breton Highlands National Park - Nova Scotia, Canada - by coyotes!

Such a naked, plainly said news seems to belong to a '800 pioneers newspaper chronicle...

Sad remains the fact a young, talented young handsome woman had such an horrible, untimely, weird (kind-of) death... or, maybe, NOT... as she loved wildlife and nature and... life is SO strange, don't you?

From the Web:

"Well, technically, this was Taylor Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell was an up-and-coming Canadian folk singer (we’ve all been there, right?) who, at 19, had her life cut tragically short this week when she was ATTACKED AND KILLED BY COYOTES. You read that right. And it wasn’t even on some ridiculous OKC newscast.

Now comes the tough part. For me, I mean. And that has to do with navigating such an obviously tragic loss while trying to convey the level of badass that took Taylor Mitchell from this world. The original story lets us know that “She loved the woods and had a deep affinity for their beauty and serenity,” to which we can relate. Well, one of us anyway. Chad is a small-town guy from Oklahoma, and has spent many a glorious hour frolicking around in nature’s bosom. He too has a deep appreciation for the woods. However..he has somehow managed to not be murdered by wildlife. Joel on the other hand, being from California, has only smelled nature’s sweet spice in the field between his house and the local Burrito Barn. He wouldn’t know a pack of wild, angry coyotes if they gang-tackled him and just…well, you get the idea. The point is, having respect for the woods and its inhabitants doesn’t really translate into them having respect for you. But in her defense, what the fuck were these coyotes thinking?

I have to wonder if it went down wrong, and that there’s some kind of “leader” coyote to blame for getting them all shot. Like, was there a coyote sit-down before this premeditated murder of an innocent human? Were they just after the ham that all Canadians tragically keep in their pockets at all times? Maybe the whole thing just went sour from the start, Resevoir Dogs-style. I can almost picture it…

Coyote Leader – “Now, here’s how it’s gonna go down: Number two, you’ll distract her with your scary howling. Number three, as soon as she looks away, you jump her and go straight for the ham, yeah? Numbers 4-9, you just hang back with me and make sure she doesn’t have a gun, eh. This is Canada, so we should be ok. Remember, it’s all aboot the ham.”

But the poor, out-of-touch coyote leader didn’t know that his troops had been up for days, smoking meth and drinking all the sweet, burning Canadian moonshine they had found a few campsites ago. They were on edge, they didn’t listen, and shit just escalated. Fast. What was supposed to be a simple mugging turned into what could only be called “senseless” or “sensational” or maybe “badass” with the killing of the young singer. So senseless. Not to mention the slaughter of an entire coyote street gang. They got no jury. They got no due process. All they got was shot. Did they deserve it? Well, this time, yes; they did. But that doesn’t mean that the coyote community isn’t also in shock. In that world, will they go down as heroes or villains?

To sum things up, this is one of the saddest, craziest things we’ve ever read. The loss of such a lovely, talented person is never easy. It seems as though she was good and humble and considerate, so our thoughts go out to everyone whose life she touched. But on the other hand, as far as dying-young-as-a-singer goes; this is pretty badass. We think her early demise stands above simple plane crashes, overdoses (accidental or not) and getting shot by a woman whom you thought was the prostitute you were chasing naked through a parking lot, and gives her instant legendary status. Taylor Mitchell: Folk singer, teenager, Canadian, legendarily murdered by coyotes. That’s pretty badass. Respect."

R.I.P. and respect... like Gregory Corso once wrote: "When a child dies, also Death itself gets sad and hides itself in an old cinema the whole day" or something...

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