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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maurizio Angeletti... I never forgot your lessons, back in early '80s!

While surfing the Net, I found the new site, extremely well made, of Maurizio Angeletti, the acoustic guitar player and musician who I first met in 1983 after a concert he opened for David Bromberg Group and who, later on, gave to me some Saturday morning guitar-lessons and tips of 12 strings acoustic guitar gestalt in the same Milan's flat where he (possibly) hosted John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Alex de Grassi, Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke and Daniel Hecht during their European tours, back in early '80s acoustic guitar Renaissance.

Furthermore, his "American Guitar" seminal book was a GREAT ispiration for me, as his several reviews of acoustic guitarists discs had a very deep, devastating effect on myself and, I'm sure, several other guitar players of my generation.

Discovering he's still alive, kicking and playing, after loosing him since mid-80s (what I only had after that was a kite he made, which I found in a shop in my town, by chance, in early '90s) made my day, indeed!

I still play quite fondly the GREAT music from his "Go Fly a Kite" disc on the 12 strings, after he gave to me the tablature of the whole album, more than 25 years ago!!!

He was playing with his own voice when everyone else was copy-catting and I'll always be in debt with him for opening to a younger me new Worlds of Knowledge - something I feel will happen again, now I just began to read his insightful "Language" section in his site.

Hope I'll be able to attend to some concert by Maurizio in the very near future.

Maurizio Angeletti's site


dadgadjohn said...

That must be a very early Taylor 955. It has the handlebar mustache bridge.

I will be interested in checking out his site.

Giuseppe said...

It is actually a taylor 855 with a moustache bridge
I actually now own it