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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

RIP for Koetsu


It's with a very heavy heart, I sadly have to report that Koetsu is no more!

 Having had a conversation with Koetsu's longest standing Distributor in the UK, Absolute Sounds, the simplified story is, that the family don't want the business to continue outwith their hands, and don't want to risk tarnishing the brands reputation and legacy by selling to an outside entity, which is honorable and admirable, in this day in age, too many originally family owned  businesses have drifted from what was originally intended, take Gucci as an example, now a massive corporation with no family members involved, and dare I say long lost their original direction.

 So please savour and cherish your Koetsu's as they are now heirlooms from another era, on a brighter not Absolute Sounds have established an arrangement with a trusted Cartridge repairer/rebuilder who they can send cartridges to for quality work which will be returned with frequency response graphs after thorough testing. 

RIP  Koetsu

Thanks to Mark Charles Stewart for the above…

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