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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Squirrel 🐿️


I quite often suspect my DNA contains some squirrel genes.

… as a squirrel does with nuts and seeds stocked for wintertime, I buy incessantly discs, tapes, CDs and cassettes and I order them on shelves almost without listening to all the goodies.

I realized it yesterday afternoon when I handled an IKEA’s box full of mostly unplayed nice discs, the result of a few months of chasing around: classical, jazz, Krautrock, rock, folk…


… and masterdubs, also mostly unplayed 😏

I began browsing with a sense of surprise - i.e. - did I really bought all these? - or - I didn’t remember this one…

First record I played on Garrardzilla was P.J. Harvey’s and, also if I listened to her last one on Spotify, listening on Gotorama was a (positive) shock: how can I be so lazy to listen to this gorgeous music months after purchase?

… then, squirrel attitude (or should I say: syndrome?) took over and, well justified my Oblomovism: the cute rodent stocks his nuts not because it’s hungry, but because it knows it will become so during wintertime.

So am I: I buy nice music because I like doing so and I know I’ll immensely enjoy listening to new discs and tapes and CDs and cassettes I’ll find at my place like the best personal-shopper in the world invisibly brought to me.

What an ass-hole I am 😂😉😇😎😏

That’s how my flawed mind works…

Same as you leave a fine Amarone in the cellar for awhile, I enjoy my music so deeply and in spades when the right time comes.

So, after PJ I enjoyed Jimmy Giuffre and Jim Hall, Leos Janacek piano music, some harpsichord… and, like an omnivorous music-junkie, I ended a quite pleasant afternoon with… Lee Ritenour 🥇

… I’d never guess a 🐿️  would like Lee Ritenour 😉

… and the winter is sooo long and dark without nuts… aehm: music to heal the soul ✅

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