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Monday, May 16, 2022

Bill Frisell Trio at Teatro Olimpico


What a concert! 

The first at the beloved, ancient, unique wooden theater in 2+ years, so much more waited for and enjoyed.

Bill Frisell’s playing is so tasteful, measured and unique… with his musicianship and light touch foot-tapping his trusty Line6 DL4 and ElectroHarmonix Freeze effect-boxes, he reached pure bliss.

From Vicenza Jazz Festival Artistic Director, Riccardo Brazzale‘s words:

“ When tonight, shortly after 9 P.M., Bill Frisell attacked "Days of Wine and Roses", more than one, with a hint of hesitation, asked himself: "What does the teacher do, does he play the standards?".  Frisell has always loved the days of wine and roses, from a young age, and now that he's in his seventies (yes, seventy, even if he shows up on stage wearing a striped shirt) he likes to start concerts with those days.  It is with those who also tonight entered a special mood, together with Tony Scherr on double bass and Kenny Wollesen on drums, a mood that he himself and his traveling companions experienced as unique in the magic of the Olimpico.  The right sound, the right volume, absolutely never over the top, the right interplay.  After Henry Mancini's wine and roses came Monk's "Mysterious", then many songs by him, including the beautiful "Waltz for Hal Willner", up to the finale with "What the World Needs Now" by Burt Bacharach.  Outside, leaning against the door of the theater, which remained open to let some air pass, there was a boy with a guitar over his shoulder who listened to music from afar: "I would love to be inside, but so much ... ".  The theater was full but after Bacharach someone was gone and so I said to a mask: "Better call him, if he's still there, let us give him a nice present."  "Come on - I told him - we'll get an encore".  And he was already starting "We Shall Overcome".  The boy with the guitar slung over his shoulder was very excited, his keys fell out, his mask creased.  He no longer understood anything.  Then up, come on, come up, in the peristyle on the right.  Crouched behind the columns, with the guitar over his shoulder, he saw and heard "We Shall Overcome" at the Olimpico, made by Bill Frisell.  Unexpected, the best gift, he didn't know how to thank me.  I was happy to have made him happy, after all with so little.  "We Shall Overcome", we will make it, we will overcome every obstacle, if the music is always with us and we get excited and we want to share the emotions.”

Well: music is healing and I’m glad the encore was enjoyed by this unknown youngster, indeed.

A superb concert, poetic and sweet: has been a privilege being there… kindness will save the world.

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