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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Spindr - an Uber Garrard 301 - a new boss is in town!

From The Netherlands... I'm  I m p r e s s e d, folks...

The beginning...

... and the end... for now!

That's a no-compromise Garrard 301, indeed.

Compliments and kudos to Mr. Huib Muilwijk Huibert

Some info from Spindr:

We, Huib Muilwijk AND Dick van Wezel, started a new company: SPINDR (pronounced as spinder)
We start with a big update of the beautiful Garrard 301. 
There are already hundreds of interesting updates available but we are convinced our model will raise the bar. Currently all parts are build, but they all need work!
So what you see is just a rough sketch from the final model.

We'll follow with utmost interest the evolution of the final Uber 301.


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