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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gold to the masses!

People need gold, folks!

After experiencing Leif solid gold in cotton and Eichmann RCAs, I feel that such a joy isn't for a few...

Every serious, passionate and dedicated music and audio lover should have a glimpse of heaven in his life, period.

So, someone will say, here is a new load of hyped BS about a shitty piece of wire, while all the rest of public electric line and buildings layout is messed by RFIs and poor materials...

A dear friend of mine - an architect and an audiophile - always well knowledged and informed, promptly tried to tame my enthusiasm argumenting gold is lesser than copper and silver, even worst than aluminum when tension transfer is concerned... all his fiery confutations without even listening to my system... but what really happens to tiny signals?

My illuministic approach is about ineffable: I try and get my conclusions, period.

I'm about love and related... explanations are unneeded and harmful, yet it is.

Everything else is shyte

False or true... nonetheless, yesterday I got this hand-made 1m long cable and almost laughed at its unblinking, monastic appearance: I strongly remembered the ugly Be Yamamura's I have somewhere... ridiculous looking since when you plug in... jaw-dropping cables, indeed.

I immediately decided the right position was between Misho Myronov Phono stage and Thomas Mayer CX-310s Line stage.

Turned on and put on Garrardzilla's platter a disc I recently enjoyed - i.e. Bill Frisell - Music IS...


... then...

... so...

... while...


The first impression I had was reminding an humble me playing my Telecaster through my '73 Fender Pro Reverb in my Studietto... not by chance this very rig looking at me from my seat, a few meters afar.

Such a sentence would sound offensive to any audiophile... what the heck! Someone spends serious money on blah-blah gears and then a stage/studio guitar amp is compared and suggested as a benchmark!?!

An explanation is due, I admit: I'm talking about authority, trueness, the real thing... not a bleached copy of the original...

Listening to Bill Frisell 's inventiveness and so hugely various sounds coming from his immaculate good taste and technique, his guitar pickups choices through his cherry-pcked vintage tube amps and effect-boxes captured in the studio, including assorted buzzes and noises from guitar amps...

Everything very unperfect and flawed, BUT so rich and alive... full of life, beefy.

For same reason when I play electric guitar alone, looping and soloing wildly, I scream and ohhoohoooo joyfully.

Yesterday, when I first listened to the Gotorama with Leif's gold cable in-place, well... I immediately heard that twang!... that uncanny no frills sense of truth, a no-brainer listening experience.

I was soooooooooo impressed, pals!

The sound of a full chord on a Fender tube amp can be... better: IS, loud, wow! 

When you listen to such a thing, you don't ask yourself about bandwidth, SPL, slew rate or the like... you rock!

My speculating about the two side of the above disc I shot yesterday were nothing short of an epiphany: my Eames chair was shaking under the music, my soul was shaking unison and the infinite subtleties and macro-load of dynamics, harmonics, studio noises, amp noises, full-bodied sound and overall sense of Beauty simply reached the VERY ME as a single shot of Pure Joy.

Awesome and easy at same time, as it can be.

That's why I began my enthusiastic report with such an optimistic wish: Gold to the Masses. 

This kind of joy should and must be shared with people around... it's really tooooo much for a single person.

My sincere wish is everyone goes and find some 99,9% pure gold wire, find some bleached white cotton and two pairs of Eichmann's RCAs and enjoy as I did... and as I do today, tomorrow and after-tomorrow.

Silence is gold... gold IS for music, not for rings and earrings.

World needs more of these joys.

Thanks from the deep of my heart to my pal, Leif.

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