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Monday, July 16, 2018

Jaap Pees taking care of Zach's EMT 930st

Jaap is someone I truly admire since we knew about 15 years ago... he's an accomplished technician, passionate, skilled and careful to bring his beloved Thorens, EMT and Studer gears back to factory specs.

 The revised, cleaned and realigned motor... the 100hz vibe is gone!

The unrevised motor and it's harmonic visual report... the 100hz vibe is embarrassingly visible...

He recently - on my request - took care of an EMT 930st, a turntable which originally was located in France, resided in Italy for some years at a friend's home and now will fly to USA for its third to-date life.

A Bruel & Kjaer acceloremeter for vibes measurement... 

I asked for Jaap's great support as the EMT's worked for its last years with a Siemens Micromaster 420, so without the precision caps on third motor phase, taming the vibes which could plague the mighty broadcasting turntable if poorly maintained.

... as a last step, a bespoke HAT 2 power-supply ready for 60hz/117V U.S. mains will be fitted as an outboard necessory.

I'm very satisfied for the results as per Jaap's revision photographic story-board.

In a few days the beast will be temporarily back home to be - finally - carefully crated and shipped to its final proud owner.

Definitely, Dutch do it better, indeed.

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