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Friday, May 25, 2018

Sad News - Peter Lai, aged 47 and Florio Pozza, aged 60 - passed away

I only corresponded with Peter, living st a distance - i.e. he lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia...

I always appreciated his kindness, warmth, empathy and good taste for every aspects of life.

He sadly passed away on May 24th...

The sad, sad news of his untimely death touched me deeply... only a few hours after the passing away of another good, dear friend of mine - Florio Pozza - in a car crash.

Florio with beloved didjeridoo...

... by chance (or not): Florio - an accomplished musician and artist - was born in Myrtlebay, Australia from italian parents and was back to Italy when 14yo... he passed away on May 22nd.

Death is part of life, sure... but, please!!!

There're bunches of fucking bad nasty people, around... why good fella goes, first?


Some words from Peter's daughter:

Dear friends and family, 
Below are ceremony details should you wish to attend. We appreciate your understanding in this difficult time. 
Today Friday 25th May 6pm to 9pm Jensen Funerals St Albans for viewing. 
Saturday 26th May 9am to 10.45am at Jensen Funerals St Albans for ceremony and refreshments. 11am to 1pm at Altona cemetary for cremation.
Our family would appreciate any kind of help during this difficult time. If you would like to make a donation, please do so here:
Chúng tôi xin thông báo với toàn thể gia dình, bạn bè xa gần ngày tang lễ cũa con chúng tôi. Xin cám ỏn tất Cả đã chia buồn với chúng tôi trong lúc này. Chi tiết của tang lễ sẽ dược tỗ chức tại St Albans vào ngày Thứ Bãy 26/5/2018. 
Thứ Sáu 25/5 tại Ern Jensen and Sons St Albans 6-9pm để thăm viếng và thắp nhang. 
Ngày Tang Lễ
Saturday 26/5/2018
Ern Jensen and sons funeral,
St Albans 
9-10.45 am ceremony at Jensen’s funeral.
11am to Altona cemetery
11.15-11.30am Cremation 
12- 1 pm finish Ceremony

R.I.P. dear Peter... R.I.P. dear Florio... my friends.

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