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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Flea-market ephemeral musical-joys...

I simply love chasing for vinyls at flea-markets... as you never know whats in the bins... the prize - i.e. the gem - can be the next disc your fingers will touch... no Discogs or Ebay will give you same goose-bumps shivers!

Tippett's on mono EMI, with a great cover... and such a sought-after disc!

Benjamin Britten on Decca Wide Band... gorgeous music and sound!

Fritz Reiner's RCA Red Seal, Japanese pressing!

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention on original Verve/MGM U.S. blue/silver label, very first pressing, with cut-out insert.

... what a find...  Messiaen on piano, an early Harmonia Mundi...

Killer sound on an obscure UK label.

... not only "La Fille Mal Garde"... another Lanchbery-directed nugget! A truly seldom seen disc.

... and just one, a solitary, one-and-only, cherry-picked silver disk, on Chesky... by David Chesky, playing a truly thunderous Bosendorfer Imperial 290 Grand Piano... a majestic recording. 


Akarakrit Uamkruea said...

This must be a great flea market in the world.


twogoodears said...