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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Harmony Sovereign H-1260 - Das Volksgitarren

My '69 Harmony Sovereign H-1260 ladder-braced isn't my most expensive or sought-after guitar, yet it represents something for yours truly: not only a guitar, but something which in pre-WEB era, I fell in love with!

Its sound was first heard on Tir Na Nog's first disc: I loved it at first notes, so unique and different from Martins and Gibsons'... the inner sleeve pix showed the duo both playing Harmony guitars...

No one saw a Sovereign in Italy, back then...

When I took interest in John Fahey and Robbie Basho and Takoma label... again an Harmony Sovereign on a sampler cover...

... and when - finally and at last - some years ago I got my Harmony from a gentleman in New Mexico, when I began exploring its character and qualities, well... I felt I got the Humblest of Holy Grails!

The Sovereign

Its sound was EXACTLY the one I so much liked on Tir Na Nog's disc: sweet, round, the right mix of wood and steel strings, extremely lightly built, yet strong and so responsive.

It's maybe the ideal everyday guitar, the one I play around and bring to parties, the one I play most.

My Volksgitarren!

A true life companion.

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