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Sunday, May 21, 2017

M.O.C. 2017 - what I missed...

... in my humble opinion, what I missed at last M.O.C. 2017 audio fair is...

Heco Direkt


No MagicoWEVivaMarkLevinsonNagraetc.?


IMHO, these speakers represent the new age of audio, where industry understands - at last - what music lovers look for: real music for real gears and ears, no hyped technical redundancy!

A new product respectfully hinting to classic vintage Saba, Grundig, Telefunken bicone wide-band speakers we all love.

I wish them to sell tons of these nice, no frills speakers... correctly priced at EUR 2,000.00/pair.

Audio made for cool people, not idiotphiles!

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