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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disc of the Month - Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky on Columbia Masterworks

Has been a long day, folks... too tired to try a witty, humble review of such a monster, superb disc!

I'll limit my efforts sincerely thanking my pal Enrico for suggesting this gem!

... and the Discogs' seller who kept it in pristine conditions also if I risked to get a vinyl-puzzle: the disc arrived in a plain large bubble envelope, not in a pizza-style carton!!!

Gambling and collecting... wow!

Cannot resist to add that many musicians, like - for example - Tom Waits from "Swordfishtrombone" onward should pays kudos to this disc and music and composer... just listen to side 2 first take - i.e. " Tango"!


Much more impressive and appropriate, Trump-wise (I feel some shivers to only write such a paradox, if you get it...): this music sounds so American... better: so, European and American, which listening to the whole disc I just had the soundtrack to my strong belief: United States of America and Americans are... just we all!

This music written by an expat;-) is as American as a Polish, Syrian, Italian, etc. etc. immigrant is a true American, Mayflower or not... Trump or not!!!

Music teaches this (and much more...) so well!

... forgetting'... must point it out clearly: BUY THIS DISC, pals!!!

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