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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tandberg of Norway

Mysterious stuffs, folks...

I owned Tandberg's gears for most of my life: TL 5020, Studio Monitor, Tandberg 114/116-8 coaxial speakers... and TD20A, 3500 and 9200 XD reel to reels.

I recently bought for cheap a pair of Hi-Fi System 11 speakers... a truly unassuming, humble shoes-box sized speaker which I connected to my trusty Partridge 300B mono blocks, just out of curiosity.

The sound I enjoyed so much most of the day is so right... hard to believe: or my 300B amps are so incredibly good to make virtually everything to sound heavenly or... these speakers are amazing...

... not sure which of the above.

Hi-Fi is such a funny hobby: a cheap, unknown speaker is able to give more music of many hideously expensive piece of gear I'm aware of!

Funny... so funny I'm almost worried;-)


Unknown said...

good night
in Portugal I can buy a tandberg system hi fi 7
in your opinion have the same value of system 11?
thank you.

twogoodears said...

Maybe better, Antonio... is like gambling, yet with wooden grille Tandbergs' you cannot go wrong!