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Friday, December 23, 2016

Japan Triode Meeting 2017

I yesterday got an invitation from Jean Hiraga.

He and his Japanese friends are organizing the first Japan Triode Meeting in May 2017, in the fantastic temple of Eitsu Kiyohara and other great places in South Japan, near Fukuoka, which I already visited in 2009.

... no, not an Hakata's view, but Japan in spades;-)

Here are some info :

The JTM, Japan Triode Meeting is an event essentially dedicated to international triode audio electronics enthusiasts. 

This first edition of JTM will be held in Kyushu island, south of Japan, from May 11th to May 14th 2017. 

This non-commercial, non-profit private meeting is reserved only to pre-registered members. Non-members, public access will not be authorized to this event. Only a limited number of members (about 40 members) will participate to this first JTM edition.

This JTM first edition will start on May 11th 2017 (Thursday) from 10 AM and will end may on 14th at noon (Sunday). 

I immediately sent to him my "Yes, thanks!" - meeting Jean, Tim, Moriyama-san and all the Japanese friends will be 2017's highlights... a blast!

Stay tuned!

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