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Monday, October 10, 2016

Vinyl boom?

Some may never play the records they buy, someone says, but own them as showpieces and statements of their musical taste. 

Many see this as a shallow way of accessing music, making vinyl little more than a passing phase, a personal statement more than an appreciated musical artefact (the Telegraph decried that “Half the people buying vinyl don’t actually bother listening to it”). 

But Mr Fukuyama is more optimistic: “The act of collecting physical objects appeals to enthusiasts in any era. As new vinyl users enter the market in these new ways, a group of these users will eventually convert to loyal customers of the format and will listen to the vinyl,” he said. 

Read full review here...

BTW: worth saying many, myself included, never stopped buying vinyl discs... in my case, proudly so since December 1970.

... and, I definitely listen to all the discs I purchase;-)

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