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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Flea-market guitar nuggets

Rainy day and only a fraction of the vinyl-discs merchants usually present at the local flea-market... but... BUT... Nigel was here... not bringing the Deccas' WB I used to buy from him, years ago, for peanuts... yet, for two euros each...

... found this Konrad Ragossnig's Turnabout, a true Decca, actually... the German guitarist is a fantastic, underrated musician... I own maybe a dozen of his recordings and his sound and skill are really top quality... the sound of this disc is awesome... guitar size, quite difficult to be preserved, is perfect... a dry ambience with tons of details and music to par. A great find.

... and...

... the third disc of David Russell, the Scottish guitar player who I so much admired in the years... here, he's very young and already playing like a God his 1975 Ramirez... recorded in London, on Dec. 7th, 1978, the sound is very dynamic and all subtleties are well rendered and enjoyable.

The double-bass player, Dennis Milne, also Scottish, plays a seldom heard Amati from 1688!!!

... remember? Two euros each...

The Milne/Russell's disc I found today is THE best sounding double bass recording I own and, believe me, I own 100+ different waxes in my collection.

The Amati, always played with the bow, is superb, just perfect: playing is precise, sound is airy and the deeeeeeeeeep low-end and overtones of the esoteric, vintage double bass are mind-boggling: I only think the precious, centuries old instrument was really too much near to the concrete wall, as seen on the cover picture!

The heavenly matching between the two string instruments is really incredible and seldom experienced.

A true masterpiece, both sonically and musically.

I wish you to also find a copy of this disc: label is Pearl SHE 569, made in England in 1978.

The search will be worthwhile.

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