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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Tzar DST cartridge, the Neumann DST replica from Russia

One more time, here is the unveiled icy beauty of new Neumann DST replica, from Moscow, Russia.

Thanking Robin Wyatt and Leonidas for sharing and wishing them the VERY best with this mighty design... maybe the MOST exotic and seldom seen cartridge ever made.


If the sound will be - say - 80% of my original, N.O.S. White Neumann DST's, they're in business... trusting the Tzar DST will be able to limit VTF at 3-3,5 grams.


Unknown said...

Would be good to know who the manufacturer is so people don't end up with the same disaster that Lumiere was!

twogoodears said...

The manufacturer is unknown to me... Robyn Wyatt in the USA is sole agent for the cart... Life is risk and I'm not related with Lumiere or Tzar or whatever...