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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Partridge 300B monoblocks and Luxman AT-3000

After a lazy winter, when springtime comes again (... or so...) my energy greatly improves and I find the time and goodwill and strength to move things around like I used to do when younger...

After enjoying The Joke/RK-50 integrated amp, I put in place my old, trusty Partridge/300B mono blocks, here used with Luxman AT-3000 super-permalloy passive preamp.

I'm using these days the smaller system with Cabasse and Studer A-730 disk-player as I'm currently mostly into small scale acoustic music...

This afternoon I greatly enjoyed Current 93's "Honeysuckle Aeons", a superb, dark lucubration by David Tibet and his cohort, a true well kept secret as a 2D4 recording, as well.

The sound of the 300B, now wired to 8 ohm after many years at 16 ohm, is rounder and thicker when compared to the balance of The Joke, but the soundstage size and depth, dynamics and naturalness of voices and overall timbres are stunning.

... but, pals, let me dare... 300B is such an overrated triode: also if pleasant, I mean VERY pleasant... well...  reminding yesterday listening, The Joke and its humble PCL 82s (and Alps RK-50 pot) is truly coming from outer space!

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