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Monday, January 27, 2014

Jean Hiraga's TTM-01 turntable mat

Jean himself gave it to me as a present during his visit to my place, on last July... he made about 80 of these, very, very thin mats, and stopped having them produced when leather quality consistency,  right thickness and defect-free beauty risked to get lesser.

A very humble accessory and one of the two "products" Hiraga-san made in the recent years... the other was that speaker with a 604-like coaxial single 15 incher.

The accompanying sleeve, written in French and English claims smoothness and better, more natural detailing and other hypes in usual Hi-Fi-ish lingo.

... but, as with ALL other Hiraga-san's conceived "things"... everything claimed comes true...

I placed the mat on my 13,5 kilos platter, now using Micro CU-500 2,7 kilos copper as a counter-platter/mat and on top, the JH's leather mat...

To-date... this is - sonically - THE best combination I heard on Garrardzilla... even slightly better than Shindo's mat, already a fantastic mat, so balanced and right.

Arigato gozamashita, Hiraga-san... aehm... merci, Monsieur Hiraga... this humble, Zen-like necessory will remain as cherished among my audio belongings as your Le Classe A's amps.

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