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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elodis' "Vocalitas Machina Grandis"

My friend Franz Hinterlehner completed a project after some months of accurate, painstacking woodworking, soldering, assemblying and measuring...

The result of the active four-ways system is nothing short of  IMPRESSIVE: an integrated multiamping/crossover assembly wiyth minimal wiring, deadly silent and dynamic as it can be.

Short description (by Franz Hinterlehner himself): bassreflex subwoofer enclosure optimized for maximum performance for GOTO SG38WN
4-way active electronics realized with components from GROUNDSOUND, custom made transformers by BADEL,
enclosures made of 30 mm beech plywood - targeted braced and targeted damped with triangular blocks made of BASOTECT.
Power is 300 Watts at 4 Ohms for the sub-channel and 150 Watts at 4 Ohms each for the 3 upper ways,
2 separate linear PSU were used - 1 for the sub channel and a second for the upper ways. The superior DSP crossover unit is also supplied by a linear PSU.
Now the whole 4-way system - assembled with GOTO 505 (double driver/throat, S200), SG370 on S600 and SG16 (I delivered the horn holders 2 month ago) - is ready for final "fine-tunig". The electronics is de facto noise and hum-free also at compression drivers with their high sensitivity. Sound of the electronics modules is impressive, detailed with very realistic spatial impression and at the same time sound never "analitical" or "processed" also not at very high sound pressure levels - fits perfect with compression Goto Unit drivers/horns.

Here are some pixes... here you'll find the link for first instalment, concerning the Goto's upper ways holder, already safely in customer's hands.

Bravo, Franz... your skill is always awesome, like materials used - always of the VERY best quality - and superb workmanship.

BTW... nice brand-name for this project;-)))


Unknown said...

hi Stefano,

looks goood. though not for your own system is it?


twogoodears said...

Hy Tuyen... ohhh, no... it's Franz's customer from Far East, ready to be shipped;-)