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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Well Kept Secrets Dept. - EMIA Audio

Yes, sure a well kept secret in audio and music reproduction... EMIA is the Zen-creature of Dave Slagle and Jeffrey Jackson: their respective ALL hand-made stuffs workshop are serving discerning audio community members with among THE best autoformers, LCR modules, TVCs and assorted coils and irons ever made (Dave) and exotic, superb LCR phono-stages, amps and crossovers, plus some Le-Cleach-like round wooden horns  (Jeffrey).

They sensibly felt the need to feed the goodears around with a minimalist line of products - i.e. a Manual Passive preamp (using Slagle's TVC, of course... with 1,25 db resolution volume control), a Remote (superb, indeed... 1 db resolution) and a tube, two-chassis Phono Stage... ALL very elegant, no-frills cubic boxes...

Mr. Salvatore, among my VERY audio sensei-san, choose an EMIA Remote Passive as his Class A or something... and he hears.

Another goodears? Dick Olsher get his illumination, as well...

Myself, as a satisfied user of  Thomas Mayer's gears, using a-plenty of Dave Slagle's TVC and coils - in Line Stage and Passive Crossover, I know EMIA actually IS affordable beauty, period.

So, after Western Electric, Luxman AT-3000, Serge Schmidlin's SolidRock and Audio Consulting Passive... EMIA!

... sssshhhhhh... I told you, it's a well-kept-secret... yet, grab it before scheduled delivery time get awfully lengthy;-)

Hand-made, bespoke audio is THE gears to get, folks!

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