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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enjoying-music-like-a-teenager Dept. - Mark Eitzel's American Music Club - California

I recently got on Ebay this disc in minty conditions... it's another of the several cases of backward musical searches... Pentangle - Reflections in 1971 to dig and search and discovery, enjoying a lot Renbourn, Jansch... and Europe 73 by The Grateful Dead, first... to became a die-hard DeadHead scholar and Dick's Picks completist;-)

I got last Mark Eitzel's solo, only a few weeks ago - SUPERB! ... and... bang..... again... I'll be getting "Everclear", always by "American Music Club" soon; issued in 1991, is considered their highest peak.

California already is a new,  my own personal peak... sure I enjoyed listening to it A LOT!

Thanking Mario A. for suggesting this VERY disc.


My N.O.S. Decca SC4E is breaking-in and giving such a freshness I REALLY felt myself, yesterday evening, a teenager... swinging on a newly purchased disc... on a Saturday afternoon... like when I was thirteen, eons ago.

1 comment:

M.Agrimi said...

My pleasure for this little tip! Yes 'Everclear' is another best for AMC!
Good Listening Bye