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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Les Percussions de Strasbourg's 15 disks box-set arrived!

... and it's incredibly intriguing, beautiful and entertaining.

It isn't something you'll whistle under the shower, but...

A just released limited edition and a sure collector's item.

It's a must-have!

Reinhard, Klaus, this is for you: disk # 11/15 is that "Entente Prealable" on MFA, a nice, NICE recording!

Track # 2 - You know what I mean... you'll recognize it.

Virtually all,  ALL composers who wrote for percussions are superbly represented... the list is really long and impressive... just have a look to a previous, recent post about this box-set.

Buy it... you won't regret... only, be careful to do NOT overdose you...  i.e. - listen to disk # 1... take a week long breath, then approach disk # 2 and so on and on...

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