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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dave Evans' newly found YouTube gigs and playing!

Live at The Prom, Bristol (UK) on Feb. 15th, 1993... WOW!!!

Thanking A LOT BristolRon... hey, Ron:  your sharing art and good taste is a statement:-)

AFTER his seminal "Stagefright" from early '70s was the only available video  and my old post among the few Web covering of Dave's art...  now - thanking The Tube - there is a flood of 1993 live performances by Dave...

Super, relaxed and unique playing.

He's The Best: old school playing, no Hedges-like tapping, only skill and cleverness... let's call it...  Art?!?!

P.S. - as you'll notice, I "played" a little with links:-)))... please freely click on ANY live word... you won't regret:-)))

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