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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Candies Dept. - The most sought-after DL-103 ever?

Here is something seldom seen... serial # 101 Denon Columbia DL-103, the DL-103 which made the history of analog audio... highly polished, conical diamond, all completely hand built, also using a completely different bakelite body (vs. the plastic of recent samplers); beside the model "name", this is NOT your usual DL-103, period!

This is a beast, a wolf in sheep skin... sooo rich of harmonics and smooth like silk, yet detailing like a Lumiere (without the hassles...): a truly rare find, whose elastomer aged superbly and surprisingly well, keeping its features.

When did you see one of this, lately:-)?!?! This is even rarer than the white ceramic bodied 80th Anniversary model I had years ago, as this was only for NHK Japanese radio studio turntables and - I'be been told - not available in the audio shops!



Iain said...

please send me the precious!


Reibradi said...

Hi Stefano.
Never seen that one - thanks!
I lost your email - please give it to me again, I might have something very interesting for you.
Cheers (Chris from Munich)