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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TVC/AVC - from Luxman AT-3000, to Serge Schmidlin's Silver Rock/Audio Consulting, to Dave Slagle's Intact... and Dick Olsher's review

I'm the proud, satisfied user of Dave Slagle's superb sounding TVCs since October 2009, as used in Thomas Mayer's VT25A Line stage and - soon - in the one-of-a-kind passive 4 ways crossover Thomas will brew for yours truly...

It seems the actual TVC's frenzy was originated by the nicely sounding Luxman's AT-3000 passive preamp which used - back in 1993 - their proprietary, in-house built TVCs... this piece of gear was quite expensive, a 4 digits (USD) affaire, BUT extremely shocking for the still multi-LEDs gears market and - most of all - reported as extremely well sounding.

Everyone was forced to "steal" and copy-cat the tycoon Lux' AT-3000 no-compromise approach... and a small-scale production blossomed: Audio Consultant's Serge Schmidlin (to become list-prices king) after Lux, Dave Slagle after Serge's, Thomas Mayer, after using Serge's, now a Dave's addict... it's a noble lineage, indeed.

Dick Olsher's review is - sort-of - THE mainstream audio community exposure for a typically small-scale, quasi whispered name and well-kept secret among DIYer and "goodears" around... while industry and paper mags are still shouting at this or that mega-bucks cables, the knowledged music lovers go to the core of nicely sounding parts in a circuit...

No hypes, no trivia... Dave's parts, with his dedication, care for details and after-sale GREAT support, both personal and public - via his superb technical Blog - truly are as rare as a four-leaf clover, in whole audio world.

An AVC/TVC's renaissance is going on, folks...

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