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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reaching the core (part 1): Sprungantwort

"Sprungantwort" is a special term in german physics. At the moment I cannot find the corresponding english expression... (the translation word for word would be "jump answer") perhaps you get an idea, it means - as in life - the reproduced sound out of one and only source [(not that easy (NoB - with Gotorama or larger systems) because of the size of the different drivers and horns)]..."

The above extract from a longer text I recently received from a friend, bring me to (one of) the core(s) in music reproduction at home... it's a major truth, I'd define it: listening to a planar electrostatic, a single, wideband speaker or a small or larger horns system, what truly makes "the" difference, a world of difference, is "Sprungantwort" or "snap", "whoomp", immediacy, naturalness, trueness or whatever defines easyness and "that" sense of unbiased, self-standing sense of something happening, hic et nunc, unfiltered and beautiful.

At the concert, when any given instrument plays also the humblest, honest, yet someway ugly tuning notes, the listener mind simply remains still - imagine a mountain lake in summer - like the ear alone be the sole responsible for the musical enjoyment and understanding...

This no-brainer, apparently "light" approach, nearer to "senses" realm than to elucubrations and speculating-related rarefact world, gives to Music its universal so high digeribility and assimilability, as unchained and free as a child smile.

... so, "Sprungantwort": no woofing or twitting or... at a concert: a guitar is a guitar, a clarinet a clarinet, a tuba is a... OK, you got it;-)!

... and at home, when "we" begin to reach that so elusive "MUSIC" truest core, its truest meaning, the one which makes us sing-along, giving tears or making us handclapping, alone or with (close) friends... well, that's the very moment we reach, at least, that fabled "M-U-S...", maybe highest goal we can reach in our home music-rooms!

Our systems are nor a status symbol, neither a bunch of gears, BUT a "caller", our shuttle to an higher, better and easiest world and we do not differentiate among "ways" or frequencies, BUT, suddently, we re-appropriate of emotions, giving a meaning also to silence and pauses.

We hear and know we're listening to, (almost) attending to an event and it's like an awakening: a church organ has same dignity than a triangle and we hear them in their truest essence, NOT like a dissected (in the studio mixing) and a Frankenstein-like "thing" re-assembled in our rooms.

Completely indifferent to size of speakers and music played/listened to, the (carefully assembled) music/audio system sounds like a whole, period.

That's music reproduction in my room, pals... cannot find a better way to say "Thanks!" to Seiya Goto-san and Goto-Unit, making 45 years on the market this year, 2010, and never loosing attention to "music" and care for it in their workshop.

Arigato gozaimashita, Goto-san.

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