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Friday, May 21, 2010

Audio Hooligans?

Was considering... it seems audio, audio owning and ownership, is akin being an adept to this or that church or faith.

Also... maybe, say MAYBE, only (European style) soccer is on same par in squeezing out from people their lowest human instincts as violent behaviours against this or that (so-called) "foe" - i.e. the owner/aficionado of a given "different" gear or team.

Any Ducati, Guzzi or BMW motorbike owner/user does not shot each others, but usually flashes lights when finding a fellow - riding any make - motorbiker on a Dolomites' panoramic route... not the same at a Champions' League event between followers of X vs. Y teams or on a typical audio forum.

Audio-related Taliban-like behaviours are so common on WEB I almost do not surprise myself anymore...

I tried - also in my limited philosophical knowledge and skills - to figure out "why" this happens: I sort-of recognized some well established patterns...

The "IKA" - i.e. I know all: they are universal expert in digital, analog, building, DIY, designing, tweaking... inventors and (someway) selfish people... am I among them?;-))) Maybe, who knows...

Then, the "wannabes" - they dream about the magazines audio-systems, but they inherited a ghetto-blaster and never applied any saving discipline or whatever to reach any goal whatsoever, so they simply, blindly blame and disregard everything, but their beloved/hated ghetto blaster, period.

The "penny-pinchers"... sometimes wealthy people with short arms;-) - they pollute the forums asking for advice and pat-patting about the purchase of a DL-103...

The "I own the best, period"... among the most dangerous: they try to sell a cheap Philips disk player for 4-digits amounts... because, "hey, I pre-owned this!"... and every piece of gear they own is, simply said, the best ever built, bar-none!

The "violent dudes"... they're not interested in audio or music or whatever... they only love their own ego, period. You can find them, using different nicknames and avatars, in rose-breeding, audio, boats, mountaineering and stamps collecting-related forums... and they're ALWAYS angry with the world... an angriness maybe caused by some sexual harassment and abuse they suffered when younger!

The "trans-genders"... yes, folks... there are, as I'm aware of, a couple of audio-buffs who sign themselves as ladies... it's amusing seeing them signing as "Judy" while being a "Dick";-)... and, amusingly, Web audio-machos overly galant and supportive and kind... and they, the bastards, having lotta ill-fated good-time.

The "gamblers"... I know some double-faced guys who claim they own this or that, but their digital-camera is always broken and the computer pixes folders always in troubles, so impossible to "see" any actual pictures of their stuffs... and they will NEVER invite you to have a listen to their ALL Western Electric systems because, in ten years or so, their children are always having a bad flu (...)

The "pro-offender"... so you own a DL-103, you motherfucker, s.o.b.?!?!? You still use a Thorens TD-125?? ... you, father-raper... you little dicky... you... you... etc. etc. etc.

Seriously... the patterns are as various as the difference you can find in a crowd; what I feel confortable to suggest is the following: I prefere arriving to audio chatting after a live concert, if the case... the audio-lover in a music-lovers audience is far, far more enthusiast about music and its message and meaning than the average audio people attending to any audio fair on the planet.

Also if an amp or a turntable isn't a BMW 740 or a Lotus Elan, it's, nonetheless, something which still gives some space to ego & power-games - i.e. as a 2 litres car has to give route to a 4 litres on an highway overtaking lane, the owner of a Rogers LS 3/5A should surrend, hands-up, to a Grand Utopia owner!?!

I deeply disagree and blame it.

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