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Friday, February 13, 2009

Music, Audio and Cinema: how would you...

... visually describe your musical and audio adventure in a (short) movie? An impossible task?!?

In Greece they did it... BUT, a non-audio lunatic wouldn't resist more than few frames... too boring, too self-assuming and unwitty: I'm missing some dust among tubes, an ineluttable evil, and these audio-salon items look a little "yuppie", almost emasculated in their dust-free appearance... Yes, I'm a bastard!

For trying... yes, for this only: "chapeau!" to the director... but the content - also when reaching some amusement when people is confessing an addiction and the costs of their musical toys (the wives faces are spectacular and worth a view!!!) is, IMO and in some moments, quite embarassing... this people is trying to describe the reason of their involvements... but money spent is not a good topic or THE reason for spending big bucks on audio and music related gears... the one on the movie with Tannoy's is better than others reaching the core... he says he loves feeling like conductor in Covent Garden... a good start and serious stuff, here: we're talking about time-machines and tele-transportation, don't you?!?!

The MOST intriguing, deep, involving, moving music related movie in my very experience was, some years ago, "Jurji" - see a previous related post on this very Blog - it was a masterpiece... the relationship between a young violinist and a severe teacher (the father)... genius and madness... I know: it's not directly audio-related, but nonetheless it's a rare movie where music is central to the narration and on target in trying to explain the mistery of music as a palpable entity.

Another apparently silly approach I jumped in while YouTube's browsing: Tim Buckley's "Lorca"... a 9 minutes piece, strange, beautiful... for 9 minutes the (cheap) camera remains on vinyl record spinning on turntable platter with a foreground Californian-with-palm window landscape... it's dreamy, weird, almost extraterrestrial, in suggesting the always here, old mistery of groove and diamond needle sexual intercurse... a genius!

In the impossibility to find a rare Tim's performance, the YouTube poster, clearly fond of his music... took the risk to be blamed and... again... he did it.

The lesson: when you love someone/something, trying to badly, but fondly expressing it is FAR better than the silence.... also if: "There is no scientific proof of the existence of Music".

... and you?

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