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Friday, January 30, 2009

Cambodian audiophile scene... "Horns around the World" trip goes on...

My wife just returned from her two weeks in Laos and Cambodia's trip... she was quite scared to come back... no, not worried about home and her beloved little hairy dog Chicco (or myself, despite my several defects and flaws;-))... but well-tuned to the different clocking character of life in these exotic, so different places.
I had to manage about 1500+ digital pixes she shot, so had the rare opportunity, scaled down, to feel what she saw and smelled and tasted.
... BUT of the several images I saw, some really intrigued and knocked me: a threesome monks group in a Cambodia old monastery... playing Carlos Santana's cool guitar solos through a grunge, FANTASTIC, humble, cool little horn mono-system: a Temple-Blaster.
... no joints-smoke involved, but youth and music and audio gears are something which bond people everywhere.
... dedicated to the detractors of horns: strange also in those secluded places, someone took his ass out to build such a scary naked, but nonetheless, HORN-BASED mono system to enjoy music with guts and soul!
A cheaper, easier single speaker would have worked the same... but NO! They used horn speakers and, super-cool, battery fed amps... no surprise... an audiophile is an audiophile, everywhere!
Those young monks used an old battered, Mekong-river rescued metal horn and driver... maybe dumped and repaired... rust and mud inside the crappy amp, BUT music flowed, my wife told me... who knows the full story about this pieces of gear!?!
... enjoy, music-lover friends... and thanks, Mariella for the pictures and story!

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