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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is improving an endless process? What's the limit? Does it exists?

People who know me well know I'm a quite straight guy... I try, at least, to say what I think... given this as true, how can we all manage something quite intriguing, human, yet sometimes almost painful like having to amend, change our own mind on something or someone?

Life isn't digital, isn't black or white, it's fractal... knowledge doesn't follow tracks, but wind... it's like a tiger at the zoo or in the forest... freedom, of living and thinking, creating, being wrong... that's Life... as a tiger maybe get sad being unable to catch a prey, but it's strong and brave and straight as an arrow 'til the very last minute of its life, can't be the spike of unafraid intelligence and ideas without freedom, having an high goal...

... but let me bring a.m. thoughts and speculating on audio and music, a friendly field of mine, indeed;-)

Why am I trying to adventure myself in this - apparently - unfriendly field?

It happens people sometimes is afraid of novelties... the different worries... the old trusty path is easier, friendly... BUT so boring!

These days I was greatly enjoying my audio system after some big changes and some minor tweaks... my friend Gianni gave to me a matched pair of fresh, Western Electric 300-B triodes for my transformers-coupled amps... not a bargain for cheap... and for this reason I kept on a shelf, fearsome of purchase, of cost and...

This evening I returned from a long walk with my dog... relaxed, and more bravehearted, I won my lazyness... weared the white cotton gloves I usually use to handle the expensive tubes and turned on the amps... filament first and, one minute after, full triode...

... what I heard shortly after... every minute passing the better, was nothing short than pure bliss.

The old stock Western Electric 300-B from 1983 I previously used, also if sought-after where, I'm now 120 percent sure, quite worned out.

They gave to me several thousands hours of music enjoyment, but the new fresh 300-B aren'r, simply, fresh... they're not better because they're brand new... they're of a completely superior breed, period.

I heard tons of nuances and details on records I listened two days ago, also yesterday evening... a buzzing yesterday, was an hidden acoustic 12 strings strumming in Mark Hollis' solo disk... impressive... awesome resolution.

... so, let me humbly ask to the Sky: is improving any given life fact an art, a science, a chance, a God's gift?

... is it a never ending story? Judging from the solo piano in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" OST... definitely "YES"!

Thanks Gianni and thanks mom for my two good ears;-)))...

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