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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The little, mighty SHELBY 4W LAMP - an industrial tale!

A SHELBY 4W bulb is endlessly, humbly shining since 1901!!!

This little, tender, humble glass globe with a filament is a sort of industrial miracle... the story: in Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Guard Station # 6 this bulb never broke, nor stopped to shine in 107 years!

Its light saw several wars, Edison, Roosvelt, the Great '29 Depression, the New Deal, JFK and Nixon, Reagan and Bush, and it became a cult... people, the brave Fireguard caressed its warm glass bulb before a mission, pregnant women searched in its warm round belly and long life an happy ending and good health in their pregnancy fruits.

It's a tale, a modern one, with some Fritz Lang's Metropolis flavour, but still a tale... let's remember the average bulb life is in the few thousand hours realm... this gizmo shone for more than a million hours... here is, still alive and kickin'...

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