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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Highphonic DL 103 PRO

A Denon?

No, it's an Highphonic DL-103 PRO MC Cartridge. 

Proudly made in Japan. 

This is a Professional model masterfully processed by Highphonic.  

The DL-103 PRO was improved at several levels: at compliance of vibration-system (cantilever and elastomer) and conical diamond, specially selected.

These mods give (much) improved, highest resolution.  

DL-103 PRODL-103DL-103R

Highphonic's Custom ModelDENON's Original ModelDENON's Original Model
TypeMC Stereo CartridgeMC Stereo CartridgeMC Stereo Cartridge
Output voltage
(1kHz, 50mm/s horizontal direction)
Channel balance at 1kHz1 dB max.1 dB max.1 dB max.
Channel separation at 1kHz26 dB min.25 db min.25 db min.
Electrical Impedance38Ω40Ω±20%14Ω±20%
Stylus tip0.2mm square solid diamond0.2mm square solid diamond0.2mm square solid diamond
Stylus tip radius16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip16.5 μm (0.65mil) round tip
Tracking force2g-2.5g2.5g±0.3g2.5g±0.3g
Frequency response20Hz to 55kHz20Hz to 45kHz20Hz to 45kHz
Cartridge weight8.5g8.5g8.5g
Load impedance100 Ω min.
(10-38 Ω when using a transformer)
100Ω min.
(?? Ω when using a transformer)
100 Ω min.
(40 Ω when using a transformer)

The DL-103 PRO is used in FM broadcasting stations and studios... and in cherry-picked audio systems worldwide. 

A real, affordable, no-frills masterpiece!


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