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Saturday, May 20, 2017

日本の冒険 # 1 - Kato-san's Goto system

I went to Toyama with Shinichi Tanaka-san and Tomohiro Kawakita-san the day after I arrived in Japan, at beginning of May.

I met Shinichi at Tokyo station to get the Shinkansen to Toyama, about 400 km from Tokyo, while Tomohiro reached us at Toyama station from Osaka.

By the way: Toyama-shi is the city made famous by YKK, the leader of zips.

Kawakita-, Kato- and Tanaka-san...

The system synopsis.

I'll upload soon more pixies... but, as one pix says more than one hundred words... 

The reason I never wrote during my two weeks Japanese journey is I wished to have a complete view and a personal, yet objective and unbiased opinion.

... so, drums and fifes: 

this system is the best, the VERY best system I ever listened to in my whole life, period.

More later...

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