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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Record of the Day - Alain Kremski - Vibrations - Improvisation pour piano et "bols chantants" tibetains (Auvidis)

What a strange, one of a kind record, folks!

Georges Kisselhoff masterfully engineered it, recording at his beloved Notre Dame de Liban church, in Paris, near Pantheon.

The sound on this disc is simply unbelievable, like the music: a concert piano recorded in a nicely reverberant huge church, yet keeping all the details, pedals, felt, hands, breathing and the decay is so natural and beautifully blending with the (weird) tibetan bells ancient sound.

I love this seldom heard and seen record.

If you're into beautiful, meditative, lounging atmospheres, grab this disc.

You won't regret.

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