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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Super Discs Dept. - Jean-Claude Malgoire's Le Quattro Stagioni by Vivaldi

I recently made it up with Vivaldi!

His ubiquitous Le Quattro Stagioni has been a true love&hate affaire for most of my life... 'til yesterday, as I got a pre-owned, pristine conditions CBS Masterworks' disc performed by Jean-Claude Malgoire and his La Grande Ecurie & la Chambre du Roy, engineered by Georges Kisselhoff and recorded as usual in his trusty recording "studio" - i.e. Notre Dame de Liban church in Paris.

The recording - as always when GK's concerned -  is a masterpiece, period!

This sure supports my positive feeling and falling in love for this recording, but the playing is so liquid and harmonically rich, the melodies are well here, never mechanic and cold as in virtually all the bunch of Vivaldi's work renditions I previously "enjoyed" with an annoying mixed-feeling.

Jean-Claude Malgoire, John Halloway's inspired solo violin and whole ensemble playing original instruments did the miracle.

A lovely, LOVELY disc and a sure must-have.

Recording - I gladly repeat and underline - is 2die4, as - I can now affirm - the music is;-)

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