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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Flea-market goodies

Great finds, today... the prize for browsing records-bins this early morning with bare hands, at -7 degrees Centigrade;-)

Superb, conducted by the author himself... a recording to die for!

A mint Lyrita pressed by Decca for EUR 2? Yes I can;-) 

Obscure Danish orchestral music... 

A seldom seen nugget, the creme de la creme of ancient music specialists from The Netherlands... a live recording! WOW!

Who's who!

M. Blandine Verlet... an Astree/Valois recording...


Maestro Szell conducting... Japanese pressing, killer recording, superb music. ... ahhhh, those cellos and double basses pizzicatos on side two....

A masterpiece and a super-disc... three records-set and booklet, mint Japanese pressing.

Elegant box-set... vinyl on canvas;-)

Gustav Leonhard's Telefunken early pressing, mint. 

Satie for orchestra, orchestration by... Claude Debussy! Killer sound!

Great, seldom heard music... nice recording, super dynamics!

... nice Japanese pressing. 

The above gems costed about the price of a single (digitallish) reissue...

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