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Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Symphony in the key of CuSn

Just read my friend's Tom appreciation of Garrardzilla's approach, after getting the full monty.

I'm humbly impressed by his words... yet, not surprised.

His satisfaction is mine, as he fully understood the hard job behind these parts, someway similar to the musicians years of study to perform easily and flawlessly a music-score.

The hours spent on the music sheet should vanish during performance and not distract listener with hard facts, like hands pain, short sight due to reading tiny notes on paper and the like: only music, at its purest, should remains.

Same happens - again, humbly said, of course, as my vision is only shared among a bunch of empathic and enthusiast friends - with Garrardzilla.

The bespoke parts are - easily, unassumingly, after being installed - unveiling things previously only hinted in stock 301.

The labour and parts aren't a sort-of distracting, random technical redundancy, but a follow-up of the great job made at Swindon's workshop, paying the most sincere kudos to Garrard's people and workmanship, yet taking the plum from where they left.

Thanking Tom for his empathy and loyal support.


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