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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alain Presencer - The Singing Bowls of Tibet

I learned about this elusive disc from Arthur Salvatore, his site and stunning discs list... his taste goes much, MUCH further from the "famous" TAS' Super Discs list of Harry Pearson...

The merits of Arthur's disc choices is musical and sonic and sonic and musical... and great covering is given to ancient music, ECM, ethnic... all a pleasure to listen to...  and not only those Mercuries and RCAs!

Must admit that I was an avid TAS' list collector, but... hell, some discs were and are soooo boring... sonic spectaculars are fine, BUT only if supported by "music",  otherwise....

This Tibetan bells and bowls and flutes and gong and shivers-giving voice is a sort-of trip to Bonpo tradition, in Tibet... where these holy people were giving relief to illness with incredibly ancient knowledge and bowls sometimes "tuned" with water inside to get a frequency, a vibe able to win with its healing power every Evil, in body and soul, as well.

It's not music, it's a painful soundscape, sometimes, to listen to... an aural travel to inner-self.

Recording is very, very high quality, decay is superb and dynamic is impressive...

Owned the disk for some years and only few days ago I found my minty copy of this disc, issued some thirty years ago on Saydisc label, a small indie company from UK... and I agree with any word mr. Salvatore dedicated to this recording.

A very strange wax, folks... and a joy, a painful joy, to listen to it... but, what an experience!

Try to get your copy... the disk is also worthwhile and MUCH more accessible - i.e. less elusive - than vinyl.

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