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Monday, May 27, 2013

MacBook & Gotorama... a new musical dawn?

In my IMMENSE laziness... aehm, oblomovism;-))) I just had the VERY first computer-based listening exposure in my system... for easiness-sake, I used my Mac with its several hours of FLAC, 320bps and .WAV musical files stored in its belly... I browsed, and listened and browsed and... then I reminded a phone conversation with my friend Arnaldo who told me about his recent experience with digital streaming radio, throught  iTunes... so I took my chance, too...

... checked feverish The Grateful Dead, Psych, '60s classic rock and some classical devoted radios, mostly from the USA... then an Indian classical music radio and...

WOW... so my German friends, Reinhard in primis were right!

... and Arnaldo, as well...

My system, fed by my (humble) Mac Book Pro 17", through a Silflex Toslink to miniplug, straight to digital output, is delivering a very... you'd bet it;-))), liquid sound... effortless, ungrainy and EXTREMELY pleasant and detailed.

I learned that the apparently toy-like 3,5 mm earphones Mac's Output also has, coaxial, a digital Output which is switched ON via a slightly longer, proprietary miniplug... yes, everybody knows, BUT me;-)))... yet I was positively surprised by the Apple's people cleverness!

My TacT RCS 2.2 XP AAA reads a 96 khz sampling, as Toslink is not supporting 192 khz... yet, a nice, NICE, NICE result, indeed... possibly thanking cool TOSLINK / MINIPLUG PREMIUM SILFLEX' GLASS CABLE, so well made using premium quality materials vs. some shitty-made cables around!

Last weekend was the late, VERY late, oblomovist beginning of  TGE's Digital Era... I'll better dig the topic, folks.

Sure I'm late, VERY late, but I'm here.


Johannes LeBong said...

Mor oblomovism... :-)

Dear Stefano,

since the advent of Internet radio stations which stream a very good classical and jazz program, this is it what is most often played in our home since a while.

It is actually very convenient and a lot of excellent recordings are delivered that way, over which one can reflect.

Just as in my youth when listening to the radio was an important window to the world, it nowadays became again significant for me with higher sound quality, targeted category selection and global radius.

I still keep my turntable and my personal analogue reference system with tubes of course, but I started to think of a digital system where all of the stages except the very last amplifier stage (the power DAC) is purely digital. This is another puristic approach which can lead to a higher sound quality.

twogoodears said...

Thanks for the feedback, dear Johannes... I'll sure try to deepen my VERY limited digital knowledge.
In the meantime, take care,